Public health goods for all

How would our world be different if every person had access to high-quality personal health goods?

Theory of Change

We believe that by increasing access to public health goods that are more sustainable, usable, and productive, we can dramatically decrease health disparities while simultaneously reducing environmental burden.

As our business grows, we will employ the Theory of Change model to advance public health objectives, and realize our purpose as a Public Benefit Corporation.

We will release a public version of our theory of change model soon.

Stories of change

We are excited to elevate the stories of courageous people who are using B2 Mask in the fields of virology, contact tracing, and racial justice. Stay tuned!

Impact Partners

Become an impact partner

Does your organization support populations that are elderly, have pre-existing health conditions, and/or are at higher risk due to health disparities? Are you a non-profit or community based organization? Contact us to find out how to become an impact partner and receive donated or discounted B2 Masks.

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