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B2 Mask

A reusable respirator that protects you from 99% of harmful contaminants and reduces filter cost and waste by half.

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Redefining respiratory protection

The B2 Mask is a new standard for daily breathing protection. The reusable respirator provides years of protection from smoke, dust, mold, smog, viruses, and bacteria, all in a comfortable and affordable design.

Simple face masks and even N95 masks struggle to achieve adequate face seals, create a ton of waste, and are expensive to replace.

Comfortable, Airtight Seal

Our patent-pending facepiece provides excellent comfort and protection compared to existing face masks. The facepiece is constructed from FDA- approved materials, folds in half for easy storage, and can accommodate a wide range of face shapes and sizes because of its flex-hinge design.

High Efficiency Filters

The B2 Mask uses the latest advances in filter technology to removes 99% of airborne contaminants from the air you breathe. Our filter material has been tested at Superior Felt & Filtration and Nelson Labs to ensure the highest level of protection. Refills start at only $9.

Durable, Reusable Design

The B2 Mask is designed to provide years of comfortable, sustainable protection. The facepiece is easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher and the overlay can be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine for easy maintenance.

Technical Details


  • Particle Filtration (PFE): >99.5% at 32 LPM; tested with TSI8130 NaCl .1 micron particle size
  • Bacterial Filteration (BFE): >99.9%; tested in accordance to MIL-M-36954C by Nelson Labs
  • Viral Filtration (VFE): >99.9%; tested in accordance to MIL-M-36954C by Nelson Labs
  • Filter Change: Change filters every 2-3 days; 1st generation filters do not include melt-blown polypropylene. This does not compromise bacterial or viral filtration, but reduces useful life of the filter in industrial settings.


  • The B2 Mask has been designed to comply with N99 standards per 42 CFR Part 84 but has yet to go through the regulatory approval process. Breathe99 plans to pursue Emergency Use Authorization to help support healthcare systems that need additional PPE during the crisis.
  • N95/N99: The B2 Mask is designed in accordance to meet N99 standards (99% filtration versus 95% filtration of N95 masks). The mask is not currently approved by these groups, but Breathe99 is working to achieve Emergency Use Authorization with the FDA

Face Fit

  • Initial quantitative fit-testing has been performed on several subjects in accordance with FDA approved Portacount 8038 system. This early bench testing showed B2 Mask achieved a fit factor above 100 during normal motion. In order to ensure adequate protection across the whole population, Breathe99 is partnering with Anthrotech to conduct additional face fit testing with 20-25 participants that fill the NIOSH panel for face shape and head size.

Care and Maintenance

  • Facepiece: Made of FDA-listed materials; Dishwasher-safe
  • Overlay: Machine-washable and air dry

Bulk orders

We also work directly with businesses to supore PPE needs. Please contact us directly if your organization is in need of 100+ masks.

Healthy Together

Our mission is to make high quality public health products accessible to everyone. That’s why for every product sold we donate one to a person in need. Thank you for your commitment to being Healthy Together!


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