Better Breathing

A new standard in protective facewear. Join to learn more about the B1 Mask.

Industrial-grade protection, redesigned for everyday use.

A Better Mask

High-performance technology lies beneath the B1 Mask’s fabric overlay. A comfortable seal, antimicrobial construction, and breathable design combine to achieve the highest level of protection and user experience.

Filters, made simple.

Filter replacements delivered directly to your home. Protect your respiratory health for only $3 a month.

Whether you commute, travel, or suffer from allergies,
contact us at to learn how the B1 Mask can help

Meet the team

Max | Engineering
Coleman | Software/Finance
Joel | Marketing

Advisors: Kai Worrell, Ahmed Elnaiem, and Olivia Clifton, Phd.

Partners: Camille Lizama, Joah Colby, Jorge Trevino, and Prashan Subasinghe